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Hmm, question:
If I go to France I have no doubt I'll be going back to Angouleme (helps it's not very far from where I'll be.) Although my French will still not be quite up to par, Caz speaks English fluently, and I know from Facebook that I can communicate with Pierre and Mathilde well enough. They're pretty much who I want to see, I didn't really hang out with anybody else. Especially Pierre, he's so freaking nice!! I want to visit Sourya in Lyon, but I haven't heard back from him yet.
Curious where else I should go? I really want to go somewhere I haven't been yet.
It's gonna be expensive though, since I'd be all the way in SW France, and I don't really want to go to Spain. (Portgual would be nice, but still, I'd really like to go to Scandinavia or Eastern Europe.) Why does travel cost sooo much more in the summer? I really just want to go to Tallinn.
Any suggestions?

I have an iPhone! :D

I may have said this before, but my Dad was very much against getting me or anyone in my family a phone that requires a data plan. When we walked into the phone store the other day, I said "I really just want an iPhone." There are a lot of reasons I wanted an iPhone, but there were also a lot of reasons I needed one. Most of them are relevant to school and not being able to carry around 3 2" thick textbooks and a laptop. Classes getting canceled. Emergencies. Getting lost. There have been a lot of days lately where I tell myself, I know this isn't necessary, but it would sure make everything a lot easier. Not to mention my 2 GB iPod is pretty much dead (5 years, the little guy).
So the lady at the store convinced him it would be a positive move.
I planned on buying it myself, with the check I finally received for promoting.
I was going to buy the iPhone 4 with 8 GB for $100
Dad says "Well, let's see the newest ones."
Ok, will buy the iPhone 4s.
Except, they only have a 4 with 8 GB or a 4s with 32 GB. Clearly, the choice was obvious, I couldn't afford a 32 GB iPhone. So my dad bought it for me, with the 2GB/month data plan. I kind of might have cried about it. My mom said not to expect anything else this year... uhm... as if... I need... anything else ever again.

I am having a lot of fun sending Lance silly photos. And checking my email around campus. And having a working iPod. Wow. Everything is so convenient, now. Swell. I love it, really. After a full day of classes and cramming at the library, I came back to my room exhausted, and all I had to do was tell my phone "Can you set an alarm for 7pm?" to have an alarm to wake me up in an hour. Awesome.
What should I name my iPhone? This is important!
Also, a haircut.

Awesome weekend is awesome

I have been super busy since being home but I've also had a super great time, so, yeah everything is going well.
First my friends Otter and Lilah (which I may have talked about before, my friend from SOLAR Will?) came over on Saturday and we hung out and watched bad movies and drew DaveJohn from Homestuck because we are bad people and we should feel bad. We also made Chinese Dumplings / Jiaozi. They were actually super delicious, I was really impressed and glad I got the recipe from my professor. I got a haircut Saturday, too. :) Then on Sunday when went to the Renaissance Festival which was a lot of fun like usual! It was balls hot though which made me grumpy. I think my mom felt bad because I'm really unaccustomed to the heat/humidity, and she bought me one of the foreign beers there. (Since I like trying them, okay? It was the stout? Guinness, btw. I liked it, actually, everyone else thought it was bitter, haha.) And I took a picture with the juggler who is really attractive like every year. ///( - 3-)/// We went to World Market afterwards and I was surprised to see they had Tsingtao Beer (represent) and Kolsch Beer (albeit made in Louisiana?) Anyway, Lilah left to go back to school and Otter stayed over again and we made a pillow fort to draw in which was the best idea ever. Ever. And Jade got mad about it via facebook and I was just like WELL YOU WERE INVITED SO HMPH. We are so doing this again. Lots of fun.

Anyway, then last night I went on a date??? movie night??? friendship outting??? I'm not sure. Lance drove up in his mom's car because apparently his is in the shop, but man that was a fancy car. He was showing off all the cool features and connecting his iPhone to it without wires and yeah it was fun. Then we got to the movie theatre and he paid for my ticket and opened the door for me and was just very lovely. ///( - 3-)/// It's also really refreshing to talk to someone who is witty and funny and has my kind of humor I guess...? Like, we just play really well off of each other? So that is good. We saw Paranormal Activity 3, and I was actually pretty terrified at some points and he offered me his hand but I was too shy to take it. So I just pressed my face into his shoulder, haha. Then he drove me back home and walked me to my door and was just like "I had a really good time." and I was just like "fjdksjfd;sufe;ifsdj; me too." and you guys you guys you guys. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Today to the dentist and a minor surgical treatment. Huzzah!

work work work

So you guys may have seen that I worked this weekend! I was basically hired for a day by a staffing company here to work a promotion for Wendy's. I actually had a pretty great time and got a lot of free swag. You guys should definitely see if their tour is going near you because they are handing out FREE BURGERS AND FROSTYS!
In total we handed out 1,500 frostys, and 1,200 burgers! It was pretty awesome.
It was also right outside our football stadium, so I saw a lot of Ole Miss and Bama fans, makes me proud, as these are my two favorites! (Not that I follow football, but if colleges were humans, I think they'd be bros.)
I ended up getting a free shirt (that I won't wear in public ever again, but it is American Apparel so fuck yeah, I'm sleeping in it.), $15 in Wendy's giftcards, free food, and $18-20/hour (something like that...) and I worked for 9 hours.... so probably $160-$170 dollars for a day of hard work.
And it covers my hours for Hospitality Management's pre-intern bullshit. YEAHHHH.
But I mean, it was actually a pretty fun day of work and I am really impressed by Wendy's now.

Also, when I was walking from my dorm to the stadium, I walked through the Grove (our big park in the middle of campus where people come to tailgate... it is VERY intense), and saw some people setting up a mini-Sorority house doll house that had 4, YES FOUR!, flat-screen tvs and a satellite dish on it.... what even i can't.....

Also... my art tumblr lowdungeon I am so honored that people like my art that much... and it is mostly just shit tegaki stuff!! Somebody even posted one of my pictures (and it was sourced to my tegaki, good for you.) like... seperately. And it got more likes/reblogs than when I posted it... like 90 more. What. Someone even made the panel redraw their icon. I just feel... really good about art again, and obviously I want to try hard to make all my followers happy. But I'm still having a hard time with inconsistencies and this new style I have.... and it's just a bit weird.... I will definitely try my hardest to make my followers happy!!!

Alsooooooo I am making someone a birthday card but I am gonna wait til I go home so I can use photoshop. (SO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE EXPECT SPACE LESBIANS AROUND DEC....) sorry it will be so late but I just don't have the resources here to send anything anyway.... /sigh

also I saw my roommate's nipple today it was really awkward and I don't want to talk about it.

fuck everyone

okay you know what is especially not okay
when i say
"hey, rape jokes make me uncomfortable, could we please refrain from that? ok cool."

later on

"seriously, person, if you don't stop i'm going to hurt you" (me joking with friend)
other asshole "can we not make hurting jokes? that's really offensive and it makes me uncomfortable." laughs.

i fucking hate everyone you guys college guys are assholes

edit: ok i feel like i'm spamming about this, but i deleted my tumblr posts since the guy running the D&D campaign has me added on there.
i'm just frustrated. like, i go to a conservative school in a shitty conservative state, i expect the sexism and misogyny and the bad "jokes" from a lot of people here, but it's really frustrating when i am in a room with a group of people who are supposedly similar to me, and they can't just be fucking nice. like, i asked nicely. i later asked campaign guy to tell them to stop, told him why it made me uncomfortable, and he was basically like, "why don't you tell them that?" HELLO! i shouldn't have to say anything more than i already have. like, just stop being an asshole. i promise, it isn't hard.